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"If your spine is inflexible at 30, you are old. If it's totally flexible at 60, you're young."

- Joseph Pilates

A team united in its diversity

Diverse backgrounds and experiences, but a common goal: to train for excellence
and share our expertise with customers in the safest possible way.


Our method follows that of BASI Pilates® whose founder, Raël Isacowitz is a disciple of Kathy Grant, herself a former student of Joseph Pilates.

Raël Isacowitz structured his approach to Pilates around what he called the “BASI block system”. It is a method for structuring the exercises according to a logical and articulated sequence in order to optimize their individual and overall impact.

Mastering this method is the basis for adapting the exercises to the needs and constraints of each individual.

It requires great attention to detail, which is essential to customer safety and a positive return on effort.

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