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Book one of our best Pilates classes in Antwerp



We use a wide range of apparatus: reformer, cadillac, wunda chair and others to offer you the best possible program adapted to your needs.
Working on the machines allows you to work a specific muscle or group of muscles, from a wide range of exercises using the muscles that stabilize or produce movement.
"The most complete Pilates experience"



On the mat, we work with the help of gravity and against gravity, and mainly with your body weight alone.
Here too, we can focus on a specific muscle or muscle group, playing on the complexity of the movement and the change of position during the exercise.
"The foundation stage of Pilates practice".




Chair work is precise, complete and demanding.
We can offer a wide range of exercises thanks to the quality of our apparatus, the "F2 system" in particular.
"Our intense class, full of personal challenges!"



We only work on the reformer which is an apparatus that allows for a large diversity of exercises  .

The resistance offered by the springs makes it possible to adapt the difficulty of the movements to the capacity and needs of each person.

The work on reformer is done with depth and it uses many muscles by combining mobility and intensity.
"Experience the richness of Pilates"



Circuit training with Reformer and mat work in a single class.
Following the BASI "block system", exercises for the same muscle group are performed "half and half", some on the apparatus and others on the mat.
After each muscle group, we change places.
"Our dynami & energetic class!"

Pilates classes in Antwerp - book a beginner or advanced session at our bright studio

Discover the benefits of Pilates during one of our Pilates classes in Antwerp! Our coach will develop a tailor-made program according to your level, objectives, and medical history in order to offer you the best experience.


As Pilates can take different forms, we offer a variety of classes to vary the pleasures and take advantage of all the possible benefits of Pilates!


You can book private or duo of Pilates "Beyond Reformer", or in small group Pilates classes in our bright studio and choose the session you prefer among Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat, Combo Pilates, Pilates Chair. If you hesitate, book a trial session or contact us for any questions you may have.

Participate in a private, duo, or small group Pilates session

In order to offer you the best Pilates classes according to your preferences, you can choose among:

  • Private session: our Pilates instructors provide personalised exercises arranged in a sequence designed to maximise the benefits for you during Pilates private classes of "Beyond Reformer".

  • Duo session: book a "Beyond reformer" session with a friend or partner to stimulate specific muscles or muscle groups based on your needs and capabilities.

  • Small group session: enjoy an effective and comprehensive workout experience in a small group with a maximum of 5 to 8 participants by working muscles for both stabilisation and movement generation.

Book a private, duo or small group session and try out one of our best Pilates classes in Antwerp. Here is a list of our Pilates classes prices.

More questions about our Pilates classes in Antwerp?

Would you like to know more about our Pilates classes price? Or do you hesitate among 1,2 or 3 classes a week to see a difference in your everyday life? Bodyfit Pilates studio answers your most frequently asked questions about the practice of Pilates, its price, and its effectiveness. 

  • What is Pilates?
    Developed by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century, Pilates is a sports method with physical exercises that work muscles, posture and mobility gently and deeply. In short, Pilates is a gentle form of gymnastics that strengthens deep muscles.
  • What are the benefits of Pilates?
    By offering complete, balanced and targeted sessions, all muscle groups are worked. What's more, Pilates enables you to develop a better awareness of your body, improving flexibility and comfort in everyday life. The Pilates Method has a number of benefits: - Muscle tone - Abdominal strengthening - Postural correction - Muscle relaxation - Muscle relaxation
  • How does a Pilates class work?
    A Pilates session lasts about 55 minutes and proceeds as follows: - Warm-up - Foot work - Abdominal work - Hip exercises - Spinal work - Stretching - Deep gainage - Arm and leg work - Lateral rotation and flexion - Back stretching Each session is structured and adapted to the level of each individual, whether beginner or advanced, so that you can enjoy a complete and accessible Pilates class.
  • Does Pilates help you lose weight?
    Pilates exercises combined with a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle will help you lose weight. We also offer nutritional advice to help you lose weight.
  • What's the difference between Pilates and Yoga?
    Yoga has a spiritual dimension, unlike Pilates. Moreover, yoga focuses on flexibility and extension, opening up the ribcage and pelvis. Pilates, on the other hand, focuses more on toning and deep muscles.
  • Who can do Pilates?
    Pilates is for everyone. Whether you're male or female, young or old, beginner or experienced, our Pilates Reformer, Pilates Mat or Barre classes are open to all.
  • Is Pilates good for your back?
    Do you suffer from back pain? Thanks to targeted and adapted exercises, Pilates strengthens your abdominal muscles and relieves back pain. If you're a beginner looking for a gentle, toning workout to relieve everyday back pain and injuries, Pilates is the ideal sport.
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