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BASI Pilates certified coach

Every moment of our life can be the beginning of great things’. These are the words of Joseph Pilates a great fitness pioneer of its time and starting point figure for all the Pilates enthusiasts around the globe. 
And I had that moment; some years ago, when I moved to Antwerp and opened the doors of a private Pilates practice room, to some friendly faces who just wanted to move along. 
First steps towards formal education I took in my hometown Zagreb. Fifteen years ago I became a BASI Pilates mat teacher. Back than almost no one around me did that for a living and teaching Pilates was still considered just a fancy hobby reserved for some… I wasn’t really sure what to do with it; so I let it sit….
Spent a decade in journalism and marketing, thinking that working under enormous stress and feeling miserable was how my life is suppose to be. Luckily (today, I say luckily) that period broke me, so I could put myself back together.
In 2019. I enrolled in a BASI Comprehensive Teacher Training Program in Amsterdam. And that was the beginning of the rest of MY life.

Today I can call myself a damn proud BASI graduate, full-time teacher and a forever student equally good in using Pilates as a tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation or as an assist in creating beautifully shaped bodies.
Nothing can beat the feeling when you help someone to be and feel better. Working as a Pilates teacher has made me forever grateful. 

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