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Manager - Master trainer -

BASI Pilates certified coach

Yoga certified coach

I have always practiced sport activities from long distance running, tennis, aerobic, zumba, boxing and yoga.

I discovered Pilates exercises 15 years ago and started regular practice as I quickly enjoyed all the benefits for my body and mind.

From Mauritius, my birth island in the Indian Ocean, I experienced many countries. In South Africa I decided to deepen my knowledge and education in Pilates. I became a fully certified comprehensive BASI ( Pilates instructor, mentored by BASI chief faculty for South Africa, Ms Theo Van der Riet and trained by Ashley Richie, Tash Barnard and Ed Botha.

I am passionate about excellence in Pilates, followed many specialized trainings in South Africa, USA, UK and Netherlands. I eventually graduated at Honors level in BASI education programmes.

I love sharing the Pilates’ benefits with people to help them control their body, and to strengthen it for personal fitness and wellness.

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